Hi guys,


It is actually really hot in Belgium right now which is really not usual. I am melting!


I've been totally out of the internet these days because I went to two different festivals (Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium & Jera on Air in the Netherlands, both were amazing) and I also spent some time in Paris. I am back from my Holiday now and I will try to get all my reviews in order. I have not spent a lot of time reading or writing reviews these days and I really missed it. However I got more time to focus on my friends and listening to music and I am really grateful for that.


I'm back but I have many other things planned these days. Moreover, my birthday is on Saturday so I won't have a lot of time to read this weekend either because I have a lot of things planned, but I will try to post all my reviews by the end of the week.


I hope everyone is doing ok and I am so sad I missed so many of your posts. I'll try to catch up a bit :)


Have a wonderful day!