#36 - The Boy on The Bridge by M.R. Carey

The Boy on the Bridge - M.R. Carey

Holy shit, this book was intense. I’ve read The Girl with all the gifts a few years ago and totally loved it. It is really different from what I usually read, but this was so well written and so nerve-racking I was excited about reading The boy on the bridge. I was not disappointed at all, it was really good.


I was a bit confused about the characters; I could not remember their names apart from Greaves and Dr. Khan, I kept mixing up the others, but it was not really a problem. The pace was slow and sometimes not a lot happened for a few chapters, but that is what I liked the most about the book, you got the feeling that it was building up slowly and that something big was going to happen at the end. This is exactly what happened and I love every word of it.


Also, every chapter where the characters were inside Rosie, doing research or just going on with their lives was also a way to show what happened when you are trapped with other humans, knowing that there is nothing outside, no way to escape this small space in which you have to live. I was anxious all the time. And even if it was eventful, nothing was boring about that. You got to experience the relationships that can develop in such circumstances, when you know you can lose everything at any moment.


The author really has a way with words and I adored his writing style. This book was kind of scary and I was so anxious while reading it. The ending was absolutely perfect; the author could not have found a better way to end this story in my opinion.


I definitely recommend this if you love post-apocalyptic books and want to experience something different, a must read!