#19 - When Dimple met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

When Dimple Met Rishi - Sandhya Menon

This book was really interesting on so many different levels. I loved the different view on arranged marriage, something you are not used to reading in YA books. 


Dimple is an amazing character, she has strong opinions and she knows what she wants in life. The problem is, what she wants is sometimes the exact opposite of what her parents want for her. We are not always sure if it is what she really wants or if she does it only to contradict her parents. Dimple is American but her parents are from India and have a lot of traditions and values that Dimple does not always share. She is independent and she does not want to depend on her Indian husband that her parents would choose for her. She is not interested in getting married and wants to pursue her career. The problem is, she does not understand that both are compatible. 


Rishi is the exact opposite of Dimple. He is the older child and wants to please his parents at all cost. He really sees his culture as important and wants to follow his parents’ traditions. Getting married with an Indian girl (chosen by his parents) is important for him. The problem is that he does not always think about what he really wants and put his interests aside. Having a great job to provide for his future family is important for him and he does not want to pursue his passion in comics because it is not a “real job”. 


So, you can imagine what is going to happen when Dimple met Rishi… And I will let you discover for yourself :)


A really beautiful love and friendship story with interesting complex characters and some really interesting insights on sexism and racism as well. You also get to learn more about Indian culture which is a culture I’m not familiar with at all, and I’m really glad for it. I definitely recommend this book!