#80 - Phobos 4 by Victor Dixen

Horizons (Phobos #4) - Victor Dixen

I started this series last year and I was dying to have the last book in my hands. Now I'm just really sad this series is over because it is one that will stay with me for a long time. It is the kind of series I am obsessed about and will want to know everything there is to know about the world, the characters etc. Which means searching extra content on the internet etc. I don't do that for a lot of series so it makes it extras special to me.


Furthermore, this is a French series. As you may know, French is my mothertongue but I tend to read more in English (first of all because there is way more content available in English than in French and I prefer to read in VO than to read translations. In addition, YA in French often sounds childish to me, I don't know how to explain that. However, it was not the case with this series; it was incredibly well written and I enjoyed that a lot.) Those books are not available in English (only in French, Dutch and Polish) for the moment, but it will be in the future (2018), if you are interested!


So Phobos is a sci-fi YA series about teenagers going on Mars for a reality show. 6 girls and 6 boys are chosen among the different ethnicities on earth and send there to build a new society. On the way there (6 months in a spaceship), boys and girls are separated, but they can meet in speed-dating sessions. At the end of the journey, they decide whom they will marry once they arrive on Mars. Of course, everything won't go easily and our pioneers will meet a lot of obstacles.


Without spoiling the story for you (and the first three books of the series), this last book shows how to try to take back your life after something bad happened to you and how to deal with celebrity as well. It was so interesting and a bit darker than the other books in in this series. I may write a review in French soon, if I find the time. I think this series deserve a lot of love. I really enjoyed it!