Square 16 completed!

The Well of Ascension  - Brandon Sanderson

Kwanzaa honors African heritage in African-American culture, and is observed from December 26 to January 1. Is there any place in the world that doesn’t celebrate New Year’s Eve? But Hogmanay is the unique Scottish take on New Years Eve and Day and might be new to many of us, as might be St. Sylvester’s Day, the feast day of Pope Sylvester I, and Watchnight, a late-night Christian church service that starts late on New Year's Eve, and ends after midnight.



Book themes for Hogmanay / New Year’s Eve / Watch Night / St. Sylvester’s Day: a book about starting over, rebuilding, new beginnings, etc.. For this I read The Well Of Ascencion, which is all about the rebuilding of the society. Elend, with the help of Vin and the crew, has to create a new way of life for his citizens and start building a new society. I think it fits this task nicely :)

Tasks for Hogmanay / New Year’s Eve / Watch Night / St. Sylvester’s Day: I cannot do this one yet because I have to wait for January 1st but I really want to talk about it! (I would of course post picture when the time comes). It is a tradition where I live to eat choucroute (or sauerkraut, I don't know the proper term in English but it is kind of fermented cabbage) on January 1st. We eat it with sausages (frankfurter) and mashed potatoes and we have to put a coin (1 or 2€ wrapped in aluminium paper) underneath our plate, it is supposed to bring money during the year to come. We have done this as long as I know, we used to eat at my grandmother's before she passed away and now my mother always does it at home. It is one of my favourite time of the year, what better way to start the new year than with my family eating one of my favourite dish ?! Now, you'll think I'm from Germany, because it is a typical German dish, but I'm actually from Belgium but on the eastern side and we are really close to Germany so it must come from there (I'm not sure if German people do that, but it's really common in Liège, the region where I live). Can't wait for January 1st now!