16 Festive Tasks: Square 1

Addicted to You - Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie



For All Saints Day / Día de los Muertos / Calan Gaeaf, I decided to read a book where one of the character was named "Rose", which is the reading task for Calan Gaeaf. I actually had never heard of this holiday before and I'm so glad I did because it so interesting!



I read Addicted To you, which was surprisingly really good (I wanted some easy contemporary to relax, but it was actually quite a heavy book.). One of the MC's sisters is called Rose, which fitted perfectly this task so, Square 1 completed!


I will defenitely look at the other tasks and try to plan some things, for this one, it was actually a coincidence, I was not a lot on the internet last week because of work, but I will defenitely plan ahead now (and I'm so read for this!!) Thank you for creating this amazing game again, I can't wait to see what everyone will be reading :)


Thanks for reading,