Back from holiday!


Guys, I spent the last week in Stockholm and it was fantastic. It is such a beautiful city, I strongly recommend to go there if you have the opportunity (flying there from Belgium was extremly cheap with Ryanair). 


I visited the SciFi Bokhandeln in Gamla Stan (well, I spent hours there), they really do have a huge collection with many books that I could not find on Amazon (or that were really expensive on Amazon). Strongly recommend it if you happen to be in Sweden. I put some pictures of my trip on Instagram if you are interested (@line.bookaholic)


The city was kind of quiet for a capital. I really enjoy that (Paris was great, but extremly busy and noisy and crowded. Rome and Berlin as well. I really did not had this feeling with Stockholm!)


I'm trying to catch up on my reviews and on reading all your posts. Good luck to all of you doing the Halloween Bingo, I can see you are all having so much fun with it!


Thanks for reading,