#68 - They both die at the end by Adam Silvera (audiobook)

They Both Die at the End - Adam Silvera

I decided to get this book with my September audible credit. I had heard so many great things about Adam Silvera’s work, I wanted to see for myself what the hype was all about. I definitely am impressed and I totally understand why so many people love his writing.


This book was interesting and enjoyable on so many levels. I was expecting something sad and depressing (I mean, look at the title) but it was so not the case. I admit some moments made me tear up, but it was such a beautiful story.


This book made me think a lot about life, how important and how short it is. About friendship and love and family. I was also trying to imagine what I would do if I knew when my last day was. I think I would not want to live in a world where death cast exist. Too stressful, I would definitely be more like Mateo than like Rufus, I think.


Mateo and Rufus relationship is developing fast (of course) but in a realistic way, it did not feel forced and I liked that. I feel it was really natural. I was a bit skeptic about the ending though, it felt a bit rushed to me but I kind of felt like it was the point, so definitely not a bad thing.I really enjoy the plot and the pacing. The events take place during one day so it made it really fast but really detailed at the same time. I totally recommend this book!