#60 - Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

Lock and Key - Sarah Dessen

This book was really pleasant to read! It approaches many interesting subjects that could be helpful for a lot of teenagers (and not only teenagers). It is so simple yet so true and full of important lessons. I strongly recommend this book.


It's the story of Ruby, a teenager who lives on her own after her mom left, until her landlord discovers it and she has to go live with her sister. We then follow her journey, where she will meet new people and discover new things, especially about herself.


I particularly enjoy the romance which feels like a real life teenager relationship. It was authentic, like you do not really know if you are dating or not, it is a bit awkward etc. Real life experience! It was not cheesy at all.


I also really enjoyed seeing Ruby’s evolution throughout the book; it was well done and again, felt real.


The other characters were well developed as well. You do not get as much of them as you get of Ruby, but it was nice and refreshing to also get to know them through Ruby’s eyes.


In brief, I enjoyed reading this book. I gave it 3.5/5 and not 4 because I’m not sure I will re-read this book one day. I liked reading it, but not enough to feel the need to re-read it in the future.


Have you read it? What is your favorite Sarah Dessen book (I need recommendations)?