#59 - Moonstroke by Blaine C Readler

Moonstroke - Blaine C. Readler

***Copy provided by Full Arc Pressand Netgalley in exchange of a honest review***


I requested this book a long time ago because I was really into space books and wanted to read more of them. I had not heard about this one but the synopsis seemed great so I requested it. I finally took the time to read it this month and I did not particularly enjoy it.


I was confused about the world the characters evolve in, I like it when books begin in a universe you know nothing about and you learn it bit by bit, but I did not understand anything of what was happening for the first half of the book. I think it was lacking world building. Maybe it was a bit too complex or I was not focused enough but I really was confused and I did not enjoy that.


The characters were not bad at all; I just feel they were not developed enough for me to recognize them. There were a couple of characters with different nicknames and I did not always notice they were the same person.


The idea behind the book was great, I love the fact that these people live on the Moon without knowing what happened on Earth, they have no contact with it and are alone up there. It was interesting to see how they managed to create a new society and how challenging it could be.


In the end, I enjoyed the concept of this book but it was too confusing for me. I think if it was handled differently I could have enjoyed it more. It was not a bad book, but just not really easy to follow.