Birthday Haul

Last Friday, I turned 24, yay! I had a wonderful day. When I arrived at work, a big box from Amazon was waiting on my desk, it was from my parents and my sister. I got The Mortal Instruments box set and I'm so happy I finally have all the books in the same edition (I got them twice now, but I love that series so it's not a problem), and The Slytherin edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone wich is GORGEOUS!!

Then my colleagues gave my Written in the Stars, Three Dark Crowns and The Hero of Ages!! My colleague also made me a pikachu cake and it was so amazing! 


After work I went back home and my boyfriend decorated it for the occasion. He put Star Wars tinsels, Star Wars balloons and he bought Frozen paper plates and unicorn napkins. It was as if I was 10 again and It was perfect! He got me two funko pops (Lara Croft and Russel from Up), a CD (Obey THe Brave - Salvation) and a pikachu bagpack, not on the picture, but it is really amazing (I do really love pikachu).



I also got the two first seasons of GOT on DVD, a ticket to go to Dour Festival next week and so many other stuff. But what was really amazing was to celebrate my birthday with all my friends, my friends from primary school were all there, which does not happen often, my family was there as well and I had an amazing party. The only people missing were my friend from camp, but I got to see them the following day, spending the night at camp and celebrating with our annual camp fire. It was perfect.


Thanks for reading,