#47 - Horizon by Tabitha Lord

Horizon - Tabitha Lord

***Copy provided by Wise Ink Creative Publishing and Netgalley in exchange of a honest review***


A book about space, two people coming from different planets falling in love and empathic people who can heal other with their minds. Seems like a lot of fun!


And it was. I loved the first part when Caeli meets Derek and she tells him her story. The change between present and flash back was well done and easy to follow. I loved learning more about Caeli's past. 


I only gave 3 stars to this book though because the second part was less interesting. I could not really follow what was happening between the different people and why it was happening. I'm not sure if it was not well explained or if I was losing interest, but I did not particularly enjoy the second part.


I liked the ending and how it makes you want to know what is going to happen next. But unfortunately, I’m not that excited about learning more. I love the world created by the author, all the different planets, how their societies work etc. but in my opinion, it lacks something to keep my interest.


Great characters and great idea behind this book!