Booklikes-opoly + Long weekend

I've just heard about the extra rolls because of the long weekend. It's not a long weekend here, but extra rolls are always welcome :)


I hope you all had/are having a great long weekend!


I'm currently on New Orleans Square 19 and reading Feed for this spot.


Let's roll then!


Extra roll #1




So I roll the dice again. I got 3, which is an odd number, which sent me to the WaterWorks



For this, I have to read a book with water on the cover or where someone turns on the water work because of an emotional event. For this, I will read After You - Jojo Moyes  . Well, I can't be sure someone will cry, but I'm almost certain of it...


Ok so I already read this book in December. And I forgot. After reading 10 pages I noticed it was familiar.. I checked and I read it at the end of last year (good thing to keep track of what you are reading). I guess I will have to change book for this square! 


I think I am going to read Before I Fall. is it OK? I fell kind of bad actually that was stupid.


Extra roll #2






For this I will read Warcross - Marie Lu   . I've been approuved for this on NetGalley for over a week now and I am SO excited to finally have the opportuniy to read it.