Booklikes-opoly update (25.05)

I've just finished Fellside. It was quite good but not really to my taste. I will post a review soon ;)


My edition was 486 pages long so I earned 5$  for this, yay!


Bank: 59$


It is now time for a new dice roll!


And ended up on:



And I got 


Which is:


  1. 8. Read in the wild! Take your book with you and find a place to read that isn't your living room for an hour!


This is so nice as the weather is finally hot and I am discovering great places around here (I moved in October and hadn't had the oportunity to visit the surroundings yet). i will post pictures soon! 


And I roll again because of the doubles:




And I ended up on:



For this, I decided to read Feed - Mira Grant , I'm excited but a bit anxious as well, seems creepy as hell.