Booklikes-opoly + Readathon

Have you seen the great news? :D


Well, we are 3 hours into the readathon and I managed to read/listened to audiobook for the whole time so far, I did not take a break yet (well I'm taking a break right now to write this post obviously)! I know I won't be able to participate in the entire readathon, as I have other obligations and my starting time was 2pm, so it's already 5pm here and I will have to leave the house soon. 


I finished The Time Machine - Greg Bear,H.G. Wells  and started listening to Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson   while showering/doing chores.


I got 1$ for The Time Machine (my kindle edition was 88 pages), so my bank is now 39$.


So let's roll again in honour of this readathon :)


Roll 1


I got 4 !


And landed on the BL square again.



I got a 3 this time which is:



So, where should I go? :)


I will follow As the page's turns...'s idea and go to #34, which is:




 For this, I'm going to read In the Dark, in the Woods - Phoebe Sparrow,Eliza Wass,Audible Studios .


Roll 2




I got a 10 and I'm now on: 




And for this, I'm gonna read The Patchwork Girl of Oz - L. Frank Baum,John R. Neill  (I'm not sure this one has talking animals but all the others had so I guess we'll meet one at a certain point. And anyway, it was published before 2000).


Roll 3




Which landed me on:




This one is a little bite more difficult. I'm going to read The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald . I've never read the book/seen the movie (crazy, right?!). So it's about time I read it!!


Readathon is not over. I read way less than I wanted to (I left home at 6pm anc came back at 4am, which was not really supposed to happen). There are still a little less than 4hours left (and two of them will be me in the train reading, yeeeeeah!)


I hope you are all having a great time during this readathon!