Booklikes-opoly: Update + 3rd dice roll

Bank: 28$


I finished Lady Midnight which was 633 pages long, so I gained 5$! Yaaay!


I'm ready for my third roll, I was going to wait untill tomorrow but I saw that you could roll anyday now (as long as the book you read took you more than two days.. mine definitely did) so I can finally make my third dice roll! 



I was on "Cars Land 16" and so I'm now on...



That is great. I have to roll again...


And that is another five (seriously?!)


which is:



Well, that is amazing. I felt like I was really behind because I was reading slowly... So I just got 10$, yaaaay! I also have to give 10$ to another player and I'm going to choose Hol. I know she just started playing, so it seems fair to me to help her :)


My bank is now 38$.


Well, I'm not sure what to do next. I have not picked up a book. Should I roll again? Wait for next roll day? I'm a bit lost. LOL