Greisinger Museum: Welcome to Middle Earth

Ok guys, I’ve just come back from my trip to Switzerland. We went there specifically to visit The Greisinger Museum, which is a museum entirely dedicated to Middle Earth and to Tolkien's universe. After our 8 hour-road-trip (including traffic jams, a one-hours detour because of a stupid sat nav and many many tunnels), we finally arrive at our hotel on Friday night and were too tired to even eat a proper meal before going straight to bed.


The day after, the weather was fantastic and we discover we were surrounded by mountains (it was so dark when we arrived, we had no idea!). And we went to Jenins, a really small town, where the Museum is located.


Guys, If you are a diehard Tolkien fan (or not!) you NEED to go there. It's absolutely amazing. I really recommend it, I know most of you are from America, but if one day you're taking a tour of Europe, do not miss the chance. It's absolutely wonderful.





This museum starts... in Bilbo's house (as you can see on the picture) and continues into many other underground rooms, including Moria (with its Balrog), The Gates of Argonath, Gondor… You’ll even meet an Ent as well as Gandalf. Needles to say, you’ll feel like in Middle Earth (or in Heaven). But it’s not the only amazing thing about this museum. You’ll have the chance to see thousands of books, including really rare and even unique books; editions of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in different languages, first editions, books about Tolkien, letters written by Tolkien, books signed by him… I was speechless!




Furthermore, many wonderful paintings are hung on the walls, all of them originals ones (and stunning ones too)! And many beautiful objects, like replicas of the weapons used in the movies, figurines (there is one of Peter Jackson), helmets, cards, maps and many more.


As if all this was not enough to make you feel really happy and amazed, the guide was absolutely amazing (I don’t want to know how many times I’ve used the word amazing in this post…). You need to book your visit and can only see the museum through a guided tour, which really add to the experience. Our guide, Enza, was passionate about all of this and knew a lot of things. My boyfriend, who is a huge fan of Tolkien (it’s basically the only author he wants to read) learned new things about him and his work. I have no words to describe this experience; you need to see it for yourself. Still, I hope this post and the few pictures will make you happy!



Thanks for reading,