#8 - Unfurl by Cidney Swanson

Unfurl - Cidney Swanson

The Ripple Series by Cidney Swanson


I got the first book of the series for free and I did not really enjoy it (I gave it 2/5 stars). Then I found the entire series for free and decided to read the rest of it. I was not particularly fond of this series, nor the chracters, nor the plot was working for me. It was not bad, it just did not really keep my interest.


The whole "ripple" thing was not a bad idea, it was quite original and I liked how it was handled. But the plot was not really interesting, I did not particularly care about what was going to happen next. The characters were flat, not well developed and I did not connect with any of them. The writing was not bad, but not particularly good either.


I did not have issues with the writing or with the book in general, it just did not work that much for me.


(I also understood that there were more books in the series, not only three like I thought. They seem to focus on other characters)