#4 - Confessions from a Coffee Shop by T.B. Markinson

Confessions From A Coffee Shop - T. B. Markinson

I found this book for free on Amazon and thought: why not? I don't often read LGBT and so I decided to try.

It did not work. I don't mean LGBT doesn't work for me, but this book in particular. There were too many things that I was not ok with.

First of all, I did not like the main character. She is supposed to be a vegetarian but drink oyster stout, eat shrimp etc. I mean, it's ok, people eat what they want, but why pretend she is a vegetarian and she has beliefs if these are not to be respected? I found it really stupid and upsetting. Her way of thinkings was also getting on my nerves, why doesn't she confronts her girlfriend about things? Aaaaaarh.

Then, there was the sex. I know it's a new adult book and that there will be sex, it's not the problem, the sex scenes were not too bad, but it's the endless talk about sex and the attitude of the character towards other people. I mean, "I bet he's never had a BJ in his life", why do we care? Seriously, it's really wrong to say things like that, and it happened a lot.

After 7% of the book (and seeing too many times the word "fucking" and too many attitudes that made me roll my eyes), I almost decided to stop reading it. But then, there were still positive things in this book.

The plot was not too bad and I wanted to know what was going to happen. The whole Sam things was well done and I liked how it ended (not what I expected and that's good!). I also liked the references about books and movies and stuff on the Internet that I know and that I enjoy. Goodreads was mentionned, and that was really great. As well as Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson, Twilight... Stuff you don't often find in books and that made me happy cause I know these references.

Some things were funny, some things were great about this book, but it did not work at all for me.