Task the Fourth: The Gift Card: Dorothy Must Die

If you haven't read about "The 12 Tasks of the Festive Season" created by Moonlight Blizzard (Moonlightreader) & Obsidian Claus (Obsidianblue), it is bascially a list of things to do and to read during the festive season (from November 1st to January 2). It seems like a lot of fun so I decided to join in. Go read these posts if you're interested :)


Task The Fourth: The Gift Card

Read a book that you either received as a gift or have given as a gift V

- Give a book to a friend and post a picture of the wrapped present: certainly for Christmas :)


This book was given to me for my birthday by my dearest italien friend. We don't see each other a lot cause she lives in Italy, but it means a lot to me that she gave me a book. She knows how obsessed I'm with them (most people still don't understand that receiving a book is like the best present ever!). I have been obsessed with L. Frank Baum's stories for a while now. As a kid, I did not really know about The Wizard of Oz, it was not really from my time. But now, I really can't stop reading the seriez of Oz because these books are just amazing! This retelling was everything I wanted, it was really good and I enjoyed reading about Oz again, but in a totally wicked way ;) 


Review to come on my Goodreads page!



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