2016 Book Haul: #3

Remember when I decided not to make hauls every month? Well, it was a bad idea. Great news is, I have many many books to show you! (I don't include the e-books because I also got a lot in the past few months!)


I got 32 physical books (all the ones in the picture + The One and Only Ivan that I lended to my boyfriend's sister. And I probably forgot to include some other books).


I already read 12 out of these 33 books. 



I'm really behind on my 2016 challenge, but I think I can still do it. Now that I'm good at work and at home, I have time to read (mostly in the bus and at night, but I have almost 2hours to read per day and that's awesome).


I'm also behind on my reviews, but I'm not sure I'll be able to write a review for all of them. But now that I have internet at home, I'll be able to write a review after each book I read!


I hope you're having a wonderful day!


Thanks for reading,