City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare

It was my second read of this book. I first read it in August 2014. I'm currently re-reading the entire series after having read The Infernal Devices.


Because I've now read the Infernal Devices, I've got so many extra that I did not get the first time. Mostly mentions about Will, but other things too. I liked it a lot!


My problem with this book is that it seems like all the characters are having hormonal outbursts... Seriously, I know they are teenagers but it was just too much. 


I still liked Isabelle a lot and in this book we get to know her better and see a new side of her personnality which was really cool.


Clary and Jace are still not my favourite characters but Clary was a bit less annoying in this one and Jace, well, he's not really himself in the book. 


The plot was really great too, a lot of storylines are happening at the same time but it is really well managed.  It was a pleasant re-read!