A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones  - George R.R. Martin

The North - King's Landing - Dothraki Sea - Riverrun


What happened


At winterfell, Robb decides to march South against the Lannister. Bran is left at Winterfell as the Lord and he is supposed to rule. He is again having dreams about the three-eyed crow and he wants to know more about magic. Osha is telling him stories about Giants and other creatures beyond the Wall. He has a dream about Ned being in the crypt and on the same day, they receive a letter saying Ned is dead.


Catelyn arrives at her son's camp, she is happy to see Robb but she is scared for him. She goes to see Walder Frey and asks him if they can cross the river. He agrees if Robb weds one of his daughters (and other conditions). The Stark win the fight against the Lannister and capture Jaime Lannister. 


Tyrion is fighting with the mountain clans. We are also introduced to Shae, Tyrion's whore. Tywin says then that Tyrion is to go to King's Landing to rule because they need to do something about Joffrey. He forbids him to take Shae at court.


At the Wall, Jon hears about his father and he wants to go back to Winterfell to see his brothers. He leaves during the night but his brothers got him back. Lord Mormont tells his they are going North to see what is happening and Jon will be his squire. 


At King's Landing, Ned is thrown into a cell. Varys comes to him, saying if he confess he'll be able to join the Night's Watch. He tells him to think about his children. When the time comes, Ned confess but Joffrey still has his head. Arya, who is trying to survive in the street selling pigeons, sees the scene and she gets mad. Yoren (from the Night's Watch) tells her to shut up and calls her "boy". She understands she'd better listen to him. Sansa is crying and she stays in bed for days. Joffrey finally comes for her and forces her to watch her father's head. He says he'll bring his brother's head as well. The Hound tells Sansa to do what she's told.


Daenerys nearly got killed at the market when a mearchant wants her to drink poisoned wine. But Jorah saves her because he knew about it. Drogo does not want to go and conquer the Seven Kingdoms but after the incident he is angry and he says he will go after the Iron Throne for Dany. When Drogo's khalasaar defeat Khal Ogo, Drogo got injured. It's worse than what they thought, he is dying. She asks a maegi to save him. She says she can do it with magic but nodoby can enter the tent when she is doing the magic. Jorah carries Dany inside because she is hurt and she is not able to tell him not to. As a result, her son dies inside her and Drogo is alive, but not living. Dany kills him with a pillow. Then she burns him and climbs onto the pyre with her dragon egg. The eggs hatch and the remaining dothraki (the children, the old, the wounded and Drogo's bloodriders) swear an oath to her.


My thoughts



(found this beautiful illustration online. I don't know who made it, sorry :/)


All the Starks children are growing really fast and are having big changes in their lives. First of all, they got split up. Bran and Rickon are still together at the end of this book but all the other are in different places. Sansa begins to get angry and she discovers the world is not like in the songs. She is trying to do what it takes to stay alive, but she is not really living anymore. Jon is facing challenges at the Wall and he has to make a choice between his family and his new brothers (if you ask me, I think there were not enough Jon chapters in the first book! I need more and can't wait for the next one). Robb is definitely the one who has to take tough decisions and who is given the most responsibilities. He is going to war and he is quite good at it (for the moment). Still, he is  very young (and he's going to pay for his choices, we all know that!). Arya is also facing a lot of difficulties she is all alone in a place she does not know. It's going to make her as tough as we knos she is. For the moment, she is too angry to do anything productive. Bran begins his journey with the three-eyed crow, we don't know a lot about it yet, but we can feel it's going to be something big and that is going to change his life. Rickon is still too young but he already lost his father and his mother is gone, that is going to make him grow fast.



Daenerys also experiences a lot of new things. She is know all alone, she is a Khaleesi but she is determined to take what is hers by right, which is The Iron Throne. She is not in Westeros, but she wants to go and conquer it to take back what has been stolen. She os becoming more and more fierce and she does not need anybody to tell her what to do. Her dragons are also going to change a lot of things.


Tyrion has already all my sympathy. He has had issues with his family all his life (and it's not over...) and he had to struggle with being an imp. I really liked the chapters about him, he is a really funny character.



I still don't really like Catelyn. Her children are everything for her and she is trying to protect them how she can. But she's not doing a really good job. I don't really agree with her going with Robb. She should have gone back to Winterfell to care for Rickon and Bran who are, let me remind you, seven and four years old. Robb has an army with him and counsellors to guide him, he does not need his mother (ok she did a goob job with Walder Frey, but still she belongs in Winterfell). Ned is being stubborn but when he finally decides to do what it takes to stay alive, it does not succeed and ends up begin dead. I remember seeing the scene in the TV show and being really sad. But re-reading the scene in the book did not make me sad at all.  I know he was going to die, but still. I was not sad at all. I just wanted the story to go on because I feel like Ned's death did a lot of good to his children. I don't really know how to say that without sounding to mean but they really got strenght out of it. Especially Sansa and Arya, they now have no one to care for them and they need to be strong and independent.