A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones  - George R.R. Martin

The North - Vaes Dothrak - The Eyrie - King's Landing


What happened

At King's Landing, Ned is trying to discover what really happened to Jon Arryn. He knows the Lannisters did it but he wants to understand why, what was Jon Arryn trying to reveal? Arya has difficulties adapting to King's Landing and she is sad and angry about Mycah's death. Sansa is over the moon about all the Knights and Ladies at court and she is in love with her Prince. Ned finally discovers Robert's children are not his, but Jaime's. He confronts Cersei about it and she does not deny it. He advises her to go into exile and takes her kids with her. Cersei tells him: "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die". Cersei is not escaping and Ned finds it weird. Robert died so Ned writes to Stannis because as Robert has no true heirs, he is the next in line for the throne. Cersei found the letter and accuses him of treason. They kill his men. Arya managed to escape and Sansa is locked into her chambers.


At the wall, Jon is finally ready to be a man of the Night's watch. He is chosen as a Steward and got really angry about it. But he is Lord Mormont's personal steward and Sam tells him it's because he wants him to be the next lord commander. They go into the godswood to say their vows and Ghost found a hand. They discover the bodies but they do not bleed, so they find it weird. They take them back to Caste Black. The other brothers are mocking Jon because they receive a letter that says Ned is a traitor. Jon is angry and attacks Ser Allister Thorne. He is thrown into a cell where he got attacked by Othor who is now a whitewalker.


On her journey north, Catelyn comes across Tyrion Lannister and captures him. She brings him to the Eyrie where he will be judged. Catelyn discovers that Robert (her sister's son and heir to Jon Arryn) is weak and behaves like a baby. Lysa is a bit crazy and Catelyn tries to remind her that Tyrion is her prisoner and she'll do what she wants with him. He is judged with a trial by combat and Bron (a sellsword they came across on their journey) is standing for him. He wins and Tyrion and Bron leaves the Eyrie.


At Winterfell, Robb is taking care of everything. Bran is able to ride thanks to the special saddle Tyrion designed for him and Hodor carries him where he wants. He also can't remember what happened to him before he fell.


Daenerys is tired of riding but when she touches her dragon egg she is strong again. She begins  to defend herfels against Viserys. She arrives at Vaes Dothrak with her khalasar. She has to eat a horse's heart for her son to be strong. She becomes more fierce and strong. Viserys is acting like a fool and he draws his sword even if it's forbidden in Vaes Dothrak. Khal Drogo finally kills him by offering him a crown of melted gold. Dany understands he is no true dragon because a dragon can't be killed by fire.


My thoughts



These chapters were mostly about King's Landing and I hated them for it. We begin to understand who the Lannisters really are and what Cersei is capable of. Ned is looking like a fool (and he is a fool!). He is too stubborn and ok, honor is great but at a certain point you have to think to save your ass and your children's lives first. I'm frustrated.

Arya is beginning to be really strong and fierce even if she is sometimes afraid (well, she is 9 after all!). Sansa is so annoying at this poit I want to punch her. She is too blinded to see what's really happening but she still is afraid of Cersei and she will pay for liking Joffrey like that. I'm sad, I know what is going to happen and even if she is stupid, I don't want her to suffer like that.


Catelyn annoys me as well with her honor and duty and stuff like that (yeah, I'm beginning to realise that the Starks are not my favourite... Except Arya and Jon, of course). But thanks to her stubborness, Tyrion is alive and I'm so happy for it. I love his character, he is truly amazing.



Daenerys is amazing so far, she is growing fast (as if she had a choice) and she is becoming so strong. I know something tragic is going to happen but it will only makes her stronger. The TV show did a really good job with her character because she really looks like Dany from the book (if you forget the fact that she is supposed to be 13...). Khal Drogo is also a good character, he is gentle with Daenerys and he really has feeling for her. Their romance is beautiful. I love how we being to understand the whole thing with the dragons, the fact that she does not fear hot water for example or that her eggs makes her stronger when she touches them. These are small details I did not understand the first time I read it.



Bran and Robb are not that developed so far and it's a pity. Also, Robb has not POV of his own so it's even more difficult to understand him, we only see him through Bran and Catelyn.


And last but not least, Jon. He has always been my favourite (with Dany of course). I think he is still young and he has too much pride but he will learn. He is already really strong and so smart. And, what will cause him a lot of troubles, he is really nice with people and he is always doing his best to help them. He has such a gentle heart. I'm already looking forward to (re-)reading of his development as a character! (and I love Ghost so much!)