A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones

The North - Pentos - The Kingsroad (p.48 - 202)


What happened


Ned and Catelyn discover that Jon Arryn was killed and Catelyn does not want Ned to go to King's Landing. But Ned says he has to do it, it is his duty. Jon wants to join the Night's Watch, he feels like he does not belong in Winterfell and he has an interesting conversation with Tyrion Lannister. Bran is climbing and he discovers Jaime and Cersei having sex, Cersei tells Jaime to push the boy because she is afraid he'll tell what he saw. Jaime does it and Bran falls. Bran is then in bed and he does not wake up. Catelyn is not leaving his side and she is forgetting her duty. At the same time, Ned and the girls leave Winterfell to go to King's Landing.  

Jon says goodbye to Arya and leave for the Night's Watch. Catelyn is now in Winterfell with Robb, Rickon and Bran who does not wake up. Robb is going to meetings instead of her and he takes care of Winterfell. 

In Pentos, Daenerys is offered to Khal Drogo in exchange of an army and a crown for Viserys. She is afraid but she has no choice but do what her brother wants her to do. Their wedding happens and Dany is really scared.

At Winterfell, a man tries to kill Bran but his direwolf saves him. Catelyn understands now that she forgot her duties and she wants to discover who tried to kill her son. She decides to leave for King's Landing because the knife the man used belongs to Tyrion Lannister.

On the road, Arya got into a fight with Joffrey and Nymeria bit him. Cersei is very angry and she wants the wolf to be punished but they can't find her so they kill Lady instead (Sansa's direwolf). We also discovered how sick the Lannisters are when the Hound killed Mycah. 

Bran is having a weird dream about a crow and he can see the world in this dream. He sees the South, the North and the end of the world. Then, he wakes up.

Jon is cold at the Wall and Ser Allister Throne does not seem to like him very much.

Catelyn reaches King's Landing and she is welcomed by Littlefinger who says he will help her. Then Ned comes to join Catelyn and tells her to go back to Winterfell. 


My thoughts



We got some informations about Jon's mom and I'm wondering if George Martin had already decided on R + L = J or if it's something he decided later on. They insist a lot on Jon looking a lot like a Stark... Catelyn hates him (which is understandable) but why did Ned not tell her the truth then? I'm confused. I know he's trying to protect Jon but Catelyn would have understand if she knew he was Lyanna's son.. At least, I guess.

Jon is way older in the TV show which makes him really different than the Jon from the books. But just as the first time I read it, Jon is still one of my favourite characters.



Dany and Drogo's wedding was way shorter than I remembered. We are also introduced to Mormont and to the fact the he is a spy (something I totally missed the first time reading it, so when it was revealed in the TV show I was like "what?!"). Dany also received her dragon's eggs.


Eddard is too stuborn and knowing what's going to happen to him I just want him to run away. He is not happy about Robert's choices as a king and he wants to make him understand that. But we all know how it's going to end.. I love how the Lannisters are slowly becoming the ennemy here. You really cannot like them. Even Jaime (who is a character I really like for a lot of different reasons) seem like a total ass right now. The Hound is even scarier than in the TV show and I want to strangle Joffrey. 



The scene between Jon and Arya (when he says goodbye and gives her a sword) was really touching. You see how much they look like each other and they insist on the fact than Arya looks a lot like a Stark whereas the others look like Tullys. She feels like she does not belong just like Jon. Him, because he is a bastard and Arya because she does not want to behave like a proper lady should. Arya is still quite young but she is already a really strong character. 


I'm not looking forward to the next chapters because I know horrible things are going to happen. But I'm looking forward to Dany's chapters, her development is quite spectacular at this point.