I'm back!

I'm back from camp! These 10 days were absolutely amazing! It was also very special because it was the last time I went.. I have been going to camp every summer for the last 17 years, so it will be realyl weird next year and I'm sad I have to stop going. But I'm going to start working and I have to move on.


I have a million things I want to share with you guys!


July 2

The girls arrived at night on July 1 (they were 20 of them, between 7 and 15 years old). They were sorted into the Hogwarts' houses (which are in French: Gryffondor, Serpentard, Poufsouffle and Serdaigle). It was really fun because we made a Sorting Hat and we used walkie-talkie so that they thought the Hat was really talking.



The same day they also painted their houses' crest after being sorted. I think they did a really good job! (It was a contest and Gryffindor won this one!)



They could win or lose points for their houses and we used water with colorants to give them. It was nice because they were really motivated to win!


They also learned to use "Wingardium Leviosa" and "Expeliarmus", they were using it all the time, it was really cute.

We also had a game with Patronus but it failed because it started to rain really really hard and we had to go back inside which was quite sad.


July 5


Every year we do a movie night. This year, we watched, of course, Harry Potter. It was great because we had a huge screen! The ate chips and pop corn and went to sleep really late that night.



July 7


It was my birthday and I turned 23. At night (July 6) we did a party near the bonfire with all the other leaders and the oldest girls (14+). It was one of the best birthday of my life. We celebrated playing some games and singing all night. We also did a little dance and we sang like the Irish when they won the Quidditch world cup. During the day, the oldest girls had to take care of the little one (it's a way for them to learn to take our place in the years to come!) and so we had a "day off". So I read outside in the sun all afternoon :)



At night we did the Yule ball. We learned to dance like they do in the movie and we made "cocktails" for the girls. It was so much fun!



We also had a wizard's duel.




July 9


It was the last day and Ravenclaw won the cup! It was pretty close but Ravenclaws were really good so they won!





I also got AMAZING present for my birthday!!

I got Hermione's wand as well as her time turner and a Slytherin bookmark. 



It was one of the best summer camp I ever went to! I had a lot of fun and the fact that it was about Harry Potter made it even more special for me!


Thanks for reading,