The Last Star by Rick Yancey

The Last Star (The 5th Wave) - Rick Yancey

#3 The 5th Wave


Here is my attempt at writing a review. This book was so many things. I had so many thoughts while reading it, I really don't know how I could share them with you but I'll do my best.


Ok, first of all: Rick Yancey's writing is amazing. He manages to mix tragic elements and emotional stuff with a lot of humour. I laughed and smirked a lot. I also nearly cried at the end, not at the obvious time when you discover what is going to happen, but really at the end of the book, I'm not going to say anymore because of spoilers, but it was good.


The beginning of the book was confusing, I read the Infinite Sea nearly two years ago and I should have re-read it before starting the last book, but I could not wait any longer to read The Last Star. So I was a bit confused, especially with Cassie's behaviour. 


The book is written though many different POVs. I loved reading from Sam's one, it did not happen a lot during the book, but it was incredible to see how he had grown up and how Cassie should really stop seeing him as a little kid (even if he is one). He grew so much because of what happened to him and he is so damn smart!


Ringer is going through a lot during the book. Really a lot. It's difficult to talk about it without spoilers. But she is such an interesting character with a lot of qualities but also a lot of flaws. She ends up taking good decisions and she had an important role in the events. 


The plot is a bit slow and repetitive. The characters are always trying to save someone, risking their lives for it and end up being wounded or dead. It's the same outline over and over again but it does not make it bad.


No, what was the most amazing about the book was the writing and the idea behind it. Seriously, I can't count how many post-its I put in the book to remember some amazing quotes about life, death and humanity. It's mind blowing and it makes you think a lot about live and your purpose on earth. About what makes you human. 


I definitely recommend reading this book. I know that some people were disappointed by The Infinite Sea (I kind of was actually). But I encourage you to go on with the series. This last book is beautiful in so many ways.