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A Court of Mist and Fury - Sarah J. Maas

Part One: The House of Beasts


What happened:

Feyre is broken after what she endured Under the Mountain. She is back to the manor where she has a lot of nightmares and she can’t even paint anymore. She is supposed to marry Tamlin, but when the moment comes, she is thinking about saying no. That’s when Rhys arrived to complete the bargain he did with her and he takes her to the Night Court. Feyre is afraid of going Under the Mountain again, she does not want to go underground. But Rhys promised her she can stay in his house and he makes her practice her reading. He also evokes the fact that she may have strong power because she was reborn by the seven High Lords. He also tells her about the threat the King of Hybern may pose. Feyre is startled by this revelation and when she goes back to the manor, she slowly begins to feel trapped and too protected. She cannot wander freely around the grounds and she becomes crazy about it. She asks Tamlin to tell her what is happening, why he is gone most of the day. He just says that he is protecting the borders but he does not want Feyre to worry because she has done enough already. But Feyre does not agree with him and when she asks to come with him and he refused, he finally trapped her inside the manor by an invisible wall. Feyre panicked and Rhys saved her and takes her back to his place.


My thoughts:

I don’t really feel like Tamlin is so nice anymore. I guess it is the intention of the author, to slowly make us disagree with Tamlin so that Rhys does not seem like such a bad choice anymore. I can understand what Tamlin is going through and how scared he is of losing Feyre and see her suffer (again). However, he does not do what it takes to help her and because of that he is slowly losing her. He does not listen to what she has to say and neither does he listen to Lucien. It's difficult to understand his choices, even if you see that he is trying to do his best for his people. I liked learning more about Rhysand, I've always liked his character and I've been realy intrigued by him. Some of his interests are revealed but it is still impossible to understand what he really wants. Lucien tries to help Feyre but at the same time he has to obey his High Lord. We also get to meet Ianthe, who is kind of Feyre’s “stylist”, she seems like a interesting character but we do not know much about her yet. We also met Rhys’ cousin, Morrigan. I can’t wait to learn more about her and meet new characters at the Night Court!