#RYBSAT: Updates

The Long Walk - Stephen King, Richard Bachman

I'm not really good at updates, I realized I had not done one since Day 2... 


Day 3

Pages read: 172

Books read: 1


Day 4

Pages read: 92

Books read: 1


I could not read that much on Wednesday, but I got my report for my internship printed and it felt like a huge achievement. I also had family dinner, it was the first sunny day so time for barbecue!




Day 5

Pages read: 200

Books read: 2


I was alone all evening so I got to spend time on the couch with my book and my cat. I managed to finish The Rose Cord and even to start The Long Walk. Yes!


Day 6


I'm really enjoying The Long Walk and I'm pretty sure I'll manage to finish it before the end of #RYBSAT