The Rose Cord by J.D. Oswald

The Rose Cord - J.D. Oswald

#2 The Ballad of Sir Benfro


This is the second installement in the series and I liked it way more than the first one. Still, at the end of the book I had difficulty reading, I was confused at some time by what was happening. I did not really understand where the characters were because they keep changing places all the time and you don't always know how they do it (because they are not even sure themselves).

I liked to learn more about the dragons the author created, they are not awesome huge fire-breathing dragons like the ones we know (see Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and all the other fantasy books). These are small creatures, barely bigger than men and they cannot fly. That's what I loved about this book, it's really unique.

I begin to care for the characters and to understand who they are (I had difficulty with that in the first book).

The magical system is still really mysterious but some things are better explained than in the first book.

I think these books are not fitting for a readathon cause you should take your time reading them. I'll finish the series but I'll do it slowly!


I really recommend this books for people who like fantasy and magic!