#RYBSAT: Updates

The Rose Society - Marie Lu

Day 1

Pages read: 207

Book: The Rose Society by Marie Lu


I had quite a lot of time to read on Sunday morning, then I spent the afternoon with my family, and I was really tired at night. I managed to read more than half of my first book so I'm happy about my reading day!


Day 2

Pages read: 220

Books read: 1


I finished The Rose Society. I'll post a review tomorrow. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the first one. The ending was really great though. Now it's time for some Game Of Thrones, then hopefully I'll start book two if I'm not too tired.


I finally read 30 more pages, I started The Rose Cord by J.D. Oswald and it is already full of actions, I'm excited to read more! Game Of Thrones was so tense today, the entire episode set me on edge, my hands were sweaty and my heart was beating too fast at the end of the episode. It was so great!


Thanks for reading,