The Smell of Other People's Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock

The Smell of Other People's Houses - Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock

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I have to say I'm really surprised. I choose this book because the synopsis seemed interesting and the cover was beautiful. But I did not expect it to be so good.
I was first intrigued by the setting and the time period. Alaska in 1970, something I know nothing about. It really mades me want to know more about it and to read this book. This was something so unique!
The beginning was a bit difficult to follow because you discover all the new characters and there are quite a lot of them. But once I was into the book, I really could not put it down. It was so mysterious and so simple at the same time. It's a simple story of simple teenagers living in Alaska. All these different characters' lives will intertwine at a certain point in the book and I absolutely loved the idea. The characters was the best part of the book, they were so well developed, all of them were so different, with different problems but all of them had a difficult life. Getting to know them was so great and you do not want to leave them at the end of the book, you just want it to go on and on.
The ending was beautiful.
This book made me feel so many different things. It was rich in emotions and I strongly recommend it.