Since You've been Gone by Morgan Matson

Since You've Been Gone - Morgan Matson

This book was really enjoyable, funny and fast-paced. I had a lot of fun reading it! There was not too much drama, which was quite unexpected for a YA contemporary, but it was refreshing.


The relationship between Emily and Sloane felt really real and I really liked that. Emily is Sloane's shadow, she is always with her and people do not seem to see her. She is just "Sloane's friend" instead of Emily. Actually, I could totally relate to that story, the same situation happened to me and my BFF in high school. I was constantly "hiding" behind her and relating on her for a lot of stuff. But unlike Sloane and Emily, this was not a happy ending (no hard feelings, we just do not see each other anymore). That's one more reason that really made me like this book.


When Sloane left, Emily is lost and does not know what to do. But then she begins to discover her true self and to stand for herself. All this "transformation" was really great to see and I like who Emily became at the end of this book. She is sometimes a bit annoying but she feels like a real teenager who does not know who she really is.


I recommend it to anybody who wants to read something refreshing and entertaining with some important stuff and lessons about friendship :)


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