Hi guys, I have two questions for you :


- First: Are you using any e-book subscriptions? Like Kindle unlimited on Amazon? I would like to subscribe to one of them but I feel like there are not a lot of titles I'm interested in on amazon. Do you know any other? (no more than 10€/month). Or should I rather use Audible? (I can't have both, it's too expensive :/)



- Second question: do you use Netflix? We actually have a 3 months trial at home (just on time for Shadowhunters so I'm really happy about that!!). On Sunday I'm leaving for 3 months for an internship. I'll live alone in a small studio and I won't have a lot of things to do after work (except reading of course), so I'm asking for TV shows/movies recs that are on Netflix :)



Thanks a lot !