A Million Suns by Beth Revis

A Million Suns - Beth Revis

#2 Across The Universe


I read Across The Universe back in July and I really enjoyed it. A Million Suns was even better. It's the second book of the trilogy, but it did not feel like a second book in a series. There is not much action but still, many things are happening. They are still abroad Godspeed and the ship is falling apart. People are angry and they do not trust Elder anymore.

The relationship between Amy and Elder was not my favourite. It was not really developed, Amy could not really make her mind about him but it did not feel natural. Elder likes Amy a lot, but he does not really have time for her and he often has to chose between her and his people. Amy is determined to find the truth about the ship because she thinks Orion left her some clues. Elder is trying to hold the people together, they have different goals and so they are often fighting.

I love the "political" stuff happening on the ship. It is only natural that after a certain time, people questioned they system and try to change things (especially when the situation is not that good). The people aboard the ship will have to make the ultimate choice, trying to land on Centuri-Earth or staying on Godspeed...


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