Reading progress update: I've read 106 out of 442 pages.

Golden Son - Pierce Brown

#RYBSAT Day 1 - January 19th


Pages read: 50

Books read: 0


It was not a good reading day. I did my last exam then I got a couple of drinks with my friends to celebrate. I hope I'll read more today! I'm already totally hooked on Golden Son, this book is amazing!


 #RYBSAT Day 2 - January 20th


Pages read: 155

Books read: 0


I was hoping to do better but I had a lot of fun reading Golden Son and I want to take my time with this book, it is full of informations! I'm going to sleep now, but tomorrow I'll have plenty of time to read :) Have a good night!


#RYBSAT Day 3 - January 21st


Pages read: 165

Books read: 0


I had a million things to do and not a lot of time to read. But I really liked Golden Son and it is so difficult to put this book down!