2016: Goals and Challenges


I just can't realize that 2015 is over! It's so weird to see 1/01/2016 on my computer! 2015 was a good reading year but I hope 2016 will be even better! I may have more time to read as I don't have classes anymore, I have an internship to do, then I have to finish my thesis and hopefully I'll graduate in June. Then, the great unknown... We'll see :) But anyway, it means more time to read!!


My Goodreads reading challenge: I completed my challenge of 2015 (which was of 95), but I did it on the 30th and it was stressful. So this year I'll plan to read 90 books.


Read more classics: I really like classics but I never take the time to read them. Most of the time they are quite big or difficult to read. But I have a lot of them waiting on my Kindle and I really want to read some of them this year.


Audible: I want to subscribe again to Audible! I think that their services are really great and I hope to have more time to read this year (2 hours of train per week should do!). 


Some more specific goals...

This year, I'm going to read Stephen King. My father is not a reader, he only reads comics and Stephen King! He has read all of his books and always tell me how great they are. I'll start with The Long Walk (published as Richard Bachman).


There are also some series I want to start, check out my Top 5 Wednesday of last week :)


I may try the 2016 Popsugar Reading Challenge, but I'm not sure yet.. If you know any good reading challenges for 2016, let me know!


I wish you the best for 2016,


Thanks for reading,