Christmas Haul

I got a lot of amazing stuff for Christmas!! 



Of course I got books! I now have the entire Shadow and Bone series and the Across The Universe series! I also finally have the illustrated edition of Harry Potter, I can't wait to read it!! I also received The Archived and The Long Walk by Stephen King. I'm planning on reading Stephen King for the first time this year! (And Ms Marvel which is not on the picture!)


I haven't received only books! I also have a beautiful Harry Potter themed pajamas and slippers :)



And, I received Funko pops! I have C3-PO, Stewie and Peter from Family Guy! They are so cool !


But most important of all, I got to spend amazing time with my family and I'm really thankful for that. We had an amazing Christmas all together and we got to enjoy it a lot. 


I hope you receveid a lot of presents, gave a lot of presents, spent amazing time with your family and friends and you don't need new pants cause you cannot fit into yours anymore (this is not yet my case, but if I go on eating like that it may happen!)


I'll post several wrap-ups in the coming week ;)


Once again, merry Christmas!


Thanks for reading,