Christina Aguilera Booktag (created by It's a Books World)

This tag was created by It's a Books World, check out her blog :) I am not a fan of Christina Aguilera at all, but I like tag and this looks like a lot of fun so I'll give it a try!


1.What a girl want: favorite OTP

Cress and Captain Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles! I'm not a huge fan of romantic relations and stuff like that in book, but these two are just so cute. 



  1. Fighter: best dystopian character

I really like Ringer from The 5th Wave series! 


  1. Soar: a character you feel sorry for and wish they would be happy about themself

Eadlyn from The Heir by Kiera Cass. I wouldn't like to be in her shoes, that's for sure, but I really hate her, she's too selfish. I don't even want her to be happy actually.


  1. Come On Over (All I Want Is You): character crush

Difficult. I do not fall easily for fictional character.. But I'd say Jon Snow (before even seeing Kit Harrington. And I have to say that seeing him in the series only increase my crush ;))


  1. I'm OK: name a book that has home violence in it

Right now, I can only think of The DUFF (or Lying out Loud, I don't even remember which one it was)


  1. Slow Down Baby: a couple that shouldn't have been a couple (so he/she just had to back off whenever the other person wanted to)

Tessa and whatever-his-name-is in the After series (only read the two first books), it was a disaster. 


  1. Here To Stay: a badass character that doesn't care about what other people think

Mare from Red Queen. She is such a badass!


  1. Hurt: a character that made stupid mistakes and wished could undone them

America from the Selection series. She just does not think before she acts...ever!


  1. Lift Me Up: a book that helped you about yourself/life

That’s weird but I have to say Twilight. I read this as a teenager when I had some problems (like every teenagers I guess), and Twilight helped me because it made me read again. I used to read a lot as a kid, then I grew up and kind of stop reading (I only read Harry Potter actually). When Twilight came out, I read all the books and I absolutely loved them, and it helped me connect with people as everybody was talking about that. Now I just do not feel like reading them again, but it has been an important series from me.


  1. But I'm a Good Girl: a character that everyone seems to think bad of, but you think she's a good person

 I have no idea… Maybe Draco Malfoy? But I’m not the only one who thinks he’s a good person. He just made big mistakes due to his family. But I really like this character, when you read the first books you just want to strangle him because he’s always hurting Hermione and making Harry’s life difficult. But then he grows up and you get to understand who he really is. I really like his character development.  


  1. Red Hot Kinda Love: a book/series that you loved from beginning to end

There are a lot of them! But I’d say A Court Of Thorns and Roses! This book was fantastic!


  1. Your Body: a character that you couldn't stand but still like because he/she is still sexy

Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses


  1. Just A Fool: a book you wish you could unread (and had high hopes for)

Even if I'm disapointed by a book, I never want to unread it. It helps you learn what you like and dislike as a reader and it makes you grow :) But a book I really did not enjoy was 50 Shades of Grey. I did not expect it to be a great book, I just wanted it to be entertaining and in my opinion, it was not. 


  1. Shotgun: a book that you will always re-read and wish you could take with you everywhere

The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, I think I would never stop re-reading these series.



Thanks to It's a Book World for asking me to do this  tag, I really enjoyed it. You can read the original tag right here!