Winter by Marissa Meyer

Winter - Marissa Meyer

The Lunar Chronicles #4


This book was brilliant. It was such a good conclusion to this amazing series, I feel like I don't want to read anything else right now. This book was massive and still I finished it in 6 days. I could have read it much faster if life had not come in the way. I just wanted to read all the time and I was constantly thinking about the book. 

I won't be able to write a coherent review right now, I just want to express some of my thoughts before writing a review on the entire series because I have quite a lot of things to say about it. 


The characters were really well developed despite the fact that there were a lot of them, it was impressive. Also, with books like that, you tend to forget what is happening to the other characters because they all are in really different situations at different places. But it was not the case here, you could easily keep track of all of them and I really appreciated that. The world building was also well done, and the writing, without begin too special or unique, was beautiful and fluid. 


I think I'll probably read anything Marissa Meyer publishes but I will never be able to dissociate her from this story. And this story will stay with me for a really long time, it is full of clichés that's a sure thing, but it's beautiful and it gives me hope.


I gave it 4.5/5, I did not give it 5 stars only because I feel like some parts of the book were just a bit too long and too slow, but it is really a minor problem.