Mockingjay Part 2 : Movie Review

I do not know where to start. First of all, I'm both sad and happy that this series has come to an end. It was a really great adventure, starting with the books and then finishing it with the movies. I'm glad that they decided to adapt these books into movies and I think that they did a pretty good job. There is one thing that really annoys me however, it that they split up Mockingjay into two films. It was really unnecessary, the book is really thin and did not contain that much. Still, it is also a good thing because we got to see more details!


The movie starts right after the first part ended, Peeta is in the hospital and he's so messed up. Prim go to talk to him (in the book it's a girl from District 12) and he's going nuts, saying that Katniss is a mutt and that she wants to kill him. Then, Katniss goes to Disctrict 2 and this whole part is really similar to the book. You also begins to see that Gale is not the one Katniss needs, they have strong disagreements on the war and the matter of killing innocent people. He does not understand what Katniss had to go through (unlike Peeta! #TeamPeeta!)


Then Finnick & Annie got married and everybody is happy.


This is when the huge change happened. Katniss is leaving for the Capitol on her own, she does not want to stay in 13, she needs to take part in the Revolution. And Joana is left behind, so you do not see the part when Katniss and Johanna become "friends' I was disappointed because Johanna is so cool and so funny. 


Then, this is when it really starts. It was really fast in the movie. Katniss and her squad advanced into the streets of the Capitol and tried to get to Snow. This is when everybody get killed so you'd better be prepared... 



All this part was really well done. There are a few changes from the book but it is really close. The battles scenes are really epic and nerve-racking, it was difficult to breathe at this point. The end of the war is really quick, but so it is in the book. 


And then, there is my favourite part of the book (and also of the movie), the execution scene. This was really done, I loved it so much. You understand what Coin wants to do, she just wants another leader (herself), and not to annihilate the power in place. Katniss sees through her game and is not playing along with her! 



(Let's not talk about the epilogue!)


This movie depicts really well the atmosphere of the book, the political tensions and the horror of wars.