Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Hunger Games moments

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I know, it's Thursday, I'm late again for Top 5 Wednesday! But I could not pass on this week's topic: Favourite Hunger Games moments. This is SO difficult to choose but here are some moments that left a mark on me.


5. In Catching Fire when Katniss discovers she has to go back to the arena, that is an awful moment but I love it. 


4. The Mockingjay transformation in Catching Fire: the dress Cinna made for Katniss is perfect. I'm not talking about the style, but about what it represent. Cinna was part of the Rebellion and wanted Katniss to be the symbol of it. 



3. The end of The Hunger Games, when Katniss and Peeta discover that there are only the two of them and Cato left, and they are going to the feast, untill Katnis and Peeta are alone, and they discover that the Capitol won't let them both win. All this scene is the beginning of everything that's going to happen, the Rebellion. I really loved it.


2. In the Hunger Games and in Catching fire when Katniss does her individual evaluations. "Thank you for your consideration"


1. If we burn, you burn with us: When Katniss decides she will be the Mockingjay. At first she is not really into it, she does not really want the revolution to happen even if she hates Snow and the Capitol, but after going to 8 and seeing all the shit happening in the districts, she really understand what she has to do, that the Revolution is necessary. I love all this part in Mockingjay.



Ok, there are many other great moments! What are you favourite?


I'm going to see the movie in four hours! I'm really excited but I do not want it to be over. I remembered seeing every movie in the theater with my sister. I've seen Catching Fire in the beautiful city of Ghent, where I lived for 6 months. I've seen Mockingjay part 1 for my sister's birthday and we really had a lot of fun. These movies and these books were really important for me and I'm sad it's over!