The Martian movie


"This may contain spoilers from the book and/or the movie"


I went to see The Martian yesterday and this was absolutely amazing. I think they did an amazing job adapting the book. There is no added romance (like in THe Hobbit for example) and I was so grateful for that, because this is something that really annoys me (Well, it's not entirely true but it was really short and not annoying at all). I am happy they did not create a wife and children for Watney, because I had the feeling they would do that.


The plot is really close to the book, there are some changes but no big ones. I have to admit that the rescue scene was a bit too much, but then in the book it's really spectacular as well.


Even if I knew that Watney was going to survive, I was anxious during the whole movie. I was shivering from fear and expectations. It was crazy! 


Space really scares me and seeing these people wandering in space was really frightening. 


And the disco songs really add something to the movie, thank you Commander Lewis for your shitty taste in music because I was dancing in the movie theater !


I really recommend watching this movie, if you have read the book or not, because it's definitely worth watching!