I have seen this on many blogs and I found this really cool! Here's mine :)


1. What is your favorite childhood book?


Hippolyte et le caméléon by Charles Degotte. This is a really old belgian comics that my mom used to read to us, she was always doing one of the characters' voice in a  really funny way. I am so sad I can't put my hands on it !


2. E-books or printed books?


I love to read printed books but I do prefer e-books when I have to go to school, because my books always get damaged in my bag. 


3. What is your favorite place to read?


In my bed. But also in the bus!


4. Is there any genre you would never read?


I don't think so, I am always open to something new. 


5. What’s your review rating system?


I do not really have one. But if I gave 5 stars to a book it means  that I will surely re-read it. Apart from that, I do not really think a lot before giving stars.


6. What is your favorite fictional character?


Let's say Bilbo Baggins.  


7. What was the best film adaption of a book?


I love the Fellowship of the ring that really showed the spirit of the book, the soundtracks are amazing, and the story-line is respected. 


8. How do you choose the next book to read?


I always read what I want to read. I often make a TBR for the month but if I want to read something else, i'll change it :)


9. Top 3 authors?


Amélie Nothomb, Tolkien & Zola. I admire these authors! 


10. Is there any book release you are particularly looking forward to?


WINDS OF WINTER. Just saying.