Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Cities

I know it's Thursday, but I had no time to do this yesterday, so here is my Top 5 Wednesday!


Top 5 Wednesday was created by gingerreadslainey, check out her channel!


This week's topic is: Favourite Fictional Cities! I am really excited about this one, but I could not find a lot of cities, so I also included some "places" that are not cities!


5. The OASIS (Ready Player One by Ernest Cline) : Ok, it's not a city. But I would like to live in these futuristic USA to be able to log on the OASIS. This would be so awesome!



4. Hogwarts (Harry Potter by JK Rowling): It is not a city either, but I guess it's on the list of many other people ;) If I could go to Hogwarts, I would hate Summer holidays!



3. The Shire (LOTR by JRR Tolkien): It seems so peaceful and I would not seem so small there :)



2. Pallet Town (Pokemon): just because I would be able to actually have Pokemons!!



1. Lothlórien (LOTR by JRR Tolkien): This is THE place I want to live in! It is absolutely gorgeous and Elves are definitely my favourite fictional beings.  
















There are so many other amazing fictional places I would like to escape to, but these are my favourites!



What are yours?