Top 5 Wednesday: Series I wish had more books

I skipped last week's Top 5 wednesday because I was on holiday! But here we go again :)


Top 5 Wednesday is created by gingerreadslainey, check out her channel!


This week's topic is: Series I wish had more books. So difficult to choose only 5 :D


5. The Inheritance Cycle: also known as Eragon. I really liked these books, I read them a long time ago. It was supposed to be a trilogy, but then the author decided to write one more book, but it was not enough! The ending really left me frustrated.


4. Harry Potter: I want to know the story of the children, pleeeeease!


3. Divergent Series; Ok, we all know why it stopped there. But it could go on, right? I would have liked to know what was going to happen next...


2. The Legend Trilogy: I do not want to spoil anyone, but those who have read the books, do you know what I mean?! I needed more of this, seriously, it could not end like that.


1. The Hunger Games trilogy: The ending was not bad, it was a great ending, I do not want more of Katniss and Peeta (just leave them alone please!), but I just can't get enough of these books, of the world Suzanne Collins created. What would be amazing is to learn what happened in the games of other victors. I would love to read Haymitch or Finnick's story. Or even the story of tributes from district 1, like Glimmer. It could be so cool to know what is happening inside their heads! (I'm getting way too excited about things that would probably never happen).