A thousand nights

A Thousand Nights - E.K. Johnston

*This book was sent to me by NetGalley in exchange of a honest review*


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The writing in this book is beautiful and magical. I loved learning more about the way people live in the desert and I found it really well detailed. It is full of cultural details and I really loved that.
The plot was not the most interesting thing about this book. I feel like I knew what was coming, it was nothing really new. The characters were not that developed either, but it was not necessary. It was not what was important about the book. I liked the fact that you do not know the name of all the characters; you do not learn the name of the main character or the name of her sister or any of her relatives. This is a way to show you that names are not that important, but family and community are.


If you're looking for a beautiful and magical story, you should definitely read this.