The Martian

The Martian - Andy Weir

Space scares me a lot. This is why I don't usually read books that take place in space (I read 175 hours on the moon and I could not sleep for a week, this is how scared I am). This one was different though, it was not that creepy. Sometimes I wondered if Mark even notice that he was alone on a planet really far from Earth with not a lot of chance to survive. He's not human! His reaction is so crazy. But then, he is an astronaut; he is trained and he knows how to deal with stuff like that. Still, it amazed me how casual he was, as if he was on holiday. 


I really liked the humour in this book, Watney is so funny and he always uses sarcasm, which made me laugh so hard. 


This book was full of technical and scientific details. I did not always understand everything, because I suck at sciences and I am not interested in them, but it was not a problem at all. Surprisingly, all these details did not bother me.


Andy Weir did an amazing job with this book. You really have no idea of how Watney is going to survive, you cannot find any situation that could end well for him. And even when you've just met this guy, you really want him to survive.


This story shows you that some people would do anything for a poor guy alone on another planet, even if it costs million of dollars. Humanity, guys! (I lost faith in humanity a long time ago, but stories like that can give you hope, and it is such a great feeling).


(Now that I've read the book, let's watch this trailer!)