The Heir

The Heir - Kiera Cass

If you found America annoying, be prepared to meet Eadlyn. I hated her even more than America, she is such a spoiled child! She was really getting on my nerves and she have not made one single good decision through the book. I miss America right now.

Basically, nothing happened in this book. I was so frustrated because the ending is so rushed and you just do not understand what is happening (to be honest, I did not know there was supposed to be a sequel so I was really confused at the end of the book).

I loved the concept of this Selection, the fact that there are boys instead of girls makes things a lot more difficult to handle for Eadlyn than it was for Maxon. I loved it !

I enjoyed reading it and I read it in one sitting, but I am frustrated and disappointed. I am waiting for the next one.