Across the universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis

This book was really enjoyable. I enjoyed reading it, the concept was really interesting and it was full of mystery. Stil, many things did not work for me. I hated the relationship between Amy and Elder. They get along way too quickly according to me, it seems like they've known each other for ever and that they are the best friends ever, but they just met and Amy is supposed to be angry and lost etc. I feel this relationship was too weird.


The life on board is really messed up and wrong in so many ways. But Eldest had to find a solution to maintain order on board and he did what he thought was the best solution (it does not give him the right to do that but well)  This whole life concept is really similar to the one in The Giver: if you want to suppress pain & anger, you have to suppress joy & love as well.


The idea that these people are on a ship and have no way of escaping freaks me out, They are trapped on the ship, they do not really know when they are going to land. Space scares me a lot!


Overall I liked this book, it was a quick read and really enjoyable story.